Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the world is one

From the vibrant colours of Punjab to the relatively tranquil atmosphere of Kerala, from the trumpeting of the traditional blowhorn, Singar of Maharashtra to the thumping drums called Nagada of Rajasthan, everything illustrates the cultural diversity of the great nation, India. While there are 35 types of handicrafts which have been recognised at a global level, there are also some household arts which tell stories spread over generations. It is often said that stories are the best way of exploring new territories, especially with this wide a spectrum of cultures and the stories come to life when it is told by artefacts and items of cultural-representations like books and music. Having a “bunkar item” in the house which is made by a 500-yr old technique evokes not only immense pride but also a sense of being in a different world. It gives a feeling that you travelled through time and got yourself a souvenir to remind you of the wonderful people who have lived. “Indikaari” is made of two words – “indi” which is an acronym for India, and “kaari” which means to make something as being done by a artist. The initiative is a attempt to present you with age-old art in it’s native as well as contemporary items telling the tale.  From Pashminars of Kashmir to the Kutch embroidery of Gujrat our effort is to bring a tinge of India to enhance the pallette of colours in your life. We consider each and every artisan and weaver an artist who tells stories as his art through the craft as his prop
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    Banarasi silk Saree with Blouse (Navy blue,pink, 5-6mtr)

Since journeys are best when taken with others, this exciting journey of spreading Indianness will be more eventful and satisfying wit h you by our side. We welcome you to the Indikaari family and request you to keep showering your love on us. As the Indian spirit is put in said in Sanskrit, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, i.e. the world is one family.