Bengal – a culinary delight

The famous city in West Bengal is Kolkata,The city of joy.kolkata has many famous traditional food,street food, delicious dessert.There have a lane in Kolkata only filled with food stalls known as Dacers Lane.There have so many local food in west Bengal.In the south of Bengal aside of  Bay of Bengal so many dishes of fish made by local people.In north many asami and neapli food is popular as local food.Below some lavishous dishes of  Bengal food’s are described in a small manner.

Some Famous Dishes Which Represents Bengal

Aloo Posto- In Bengal or rather you can say in any kind of Bangali Family Prorgramms like Aaiburo bhaat,Marriage Ceremony aloo posto is the kind of  mandatory dish in the menu.And  also it is a subtle,simple and tasty dish for anyone to try. The soft morsels of potatoes coated with a creamy poppy seeds coating with a hint of spice from green chili are a treat to the taste buds. 

Bhetki Paturi-Bengali is allwhere famous for their fish dishes.Bhetki paturi is one of them, where first fish fillets or pieces are coated well in mustard and poppy seeds, green chilli, coconut paste with mustard oil and then it’s placed in banana leaf, gourd leaf or arbi leaf to fold it up nicely before slow cooking.

DaabChingri/Chingri Malaikari-It is a dish which is always famous for its richness and the process of its preparation.It is made with fresh prawns that taste amazing since they are cooked in coconut paste, mustard and turmeric.

Iilish Bhapa-Ilish Bhapa is a classic Ilish preparation of Bengali cuisine where fresh hilsa is marinated in special mustard-coconut-yogurt paste and steamed in good old tiffin box. The addition of pungent mustard oil and green chilli on top of freshly cooked Bhapa Ilish takes the bhaape to whole new dimension.

Luchi Aloordum- It is the most famous and delicious breakfast item for any Bengali. Luchi is a deep-fried flatbread made of bleached wheat flour or maida Bengali-style juicy curried new baby potatoes cooked in a savoury, tangy sauce and sprinkled with green peas.

Bengal’s Sweet

Rasogolla-It is the famous delicious sweet dish which represents Bengal.rasogolla first invented in Kolkata . Rasogolla is made from “chena” which is obtained by curdling the milk. The chena is mashed, made smooth and then cooked in boiling sugar syrup.

Many flavoured rasogolla are available nowadays like- Aam(Alphanso),Rose, Pudina,Chocolate,Butterscotch,Blackcurrent,Banana Kiwi flavoured Rasogolla.

Misti Doi-Most of the people are says that Bengalis are sweet like mishit doi,by this line you can understand the popularity of mishit doi all over the world. The traditional Bengali version of the sweet yoghurt is pretty unique because it is fermented with the use of ingredients like milk, sugar and jiggery.Many fruit flavoured mishit doi are also famous dessert nowadays.

Some famous dessert of Bengal are –Sandesh,Narkel Naru,Malpoya,NalenGurer Payesh,Chanar Jilepi,Narkel Patishapta,Bhapa Pithe,Sanjher Pithe many more are there.

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Mouthwatering Chaats

Fuchka-Just by seeing this dish every body’s mouth is watering,this delicious dish is famous by many other names also like golgappa,gupchup and panipuri.The spicy and sour taste and the crunchy fuchka is all together a blust of flavor in your mouth.So in Bengal it is a must try chat element.nowadays many varieties fuchka are available like- Doi-Fuchka,Chatney – Fuchka, Paprichat, Etc.

AlooKabli-The most craviest snacks for the school students is alookabli in Bengal.  Potatoes are mixed with onions, tomatoes, chickpeas, tamarind pulp and a whole lot of spices that gives the dish its awesome flavours.

Some more chaats of Bengal are –Jhal muri,Bhel puri,Churmur and so on.

Delicious Street Food            

Kachori-It is also a very popular breakfast, It is a spicy dish that is stuffed with varieties of stuffing however mashed potatoes with different spices are the most preferred stuffing.

Ghugni-It is made by mixing white and yellow peas with ingredients like onions, tomatoes, coriander, chillies and spices. It can be tried any time in a day.

Telebhaja and Chop- This crispy snack is prepared by mixing various ingredients together like besan, onion rings, pumpkin, potato, and cornflour.These cutlets and chops are best served with tomato chill and pudina ketchup.

Momo-It is a famous dish in Chinese/nepal which is nowadays popular in allover the world.  basically, it is plain flour based dumplings steamed with meat,cabbage, carrot and spring onion stuffing.

Rolls and Mughlai-It is made with a rich and heavy stuffing of well-chopped chicken or Keema along with onions, eggs, and pieces of broken cutlets.

Some famous Restaurants in Kolkata

Aami Bangali

Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick sweets

Haldiram  Kolkata

6 Ballygunge Place


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